August 4, 2010

A sampling of 2010 rhodos...

Nancy Evans

Abby in back corner

Horizon Monarch

Cunningham's White
Thank you, Barb, for this great plant
and thank you, Hugh, for moving it over

June 27, 2010

THEN (Spring 2007) & NOW (Spring 2010)

Above: Spring 2007 when we moved in
Below: Spring 2010 from the same spot
Above: Spring 2007 view from the back
Below: Spring 2010 looking towards house


The patio looks great... but...
OK... these trees are not very appealing...
Sandy & Marg spend days pruning...
chopping up branches...
and making numerous trips to the dump where 'all' will be composted

The cedar fence goes in...

Marg & Sandy plant 4 more rhodos to keep company with the one already there


Sandy's brother, Charlie, is building a cedar fence on the west side of our back yard.

Here James (Charlie's son) is taking a quick break to show off his handiwork.

The fence runs the 100ft. length of our back yard.

It is 6ft. high with woven lengths about 20 ft. each.


Check out this side of the back yard (fall 2007)...
no greenhouse... no raised garden bed... a hedge of cedar trees...
Spring 2008
greenhouse in and raised garden bed built
Spring 2009
pear tree (3 varieties) & veggies planted
Spring 2010
Hugh & Colin are removing the hedge of cedars while Sandy looks on.

4 rhodos are planted in front of plantings in front of fence
* raised bed created with soil from digging out the pathway
*area mulched

Hugh & Colin attach lattice to top of old fence
Finished area... Marg & Sandy have painted lattice


Hugh is marking out the path's direction from archway to garden shed

The digging begins... Hugh & Colin hard at work.
Marg & Sandy help move 5 cubic yards to create a new side garden bed.
It is a wet and very messy job.

Hugh begins a creative part of the project... laying the design

Looking towards the garden shed... area ready for pavers

The pathway is finished... once again, another satisfied project completed.


This view shows repaired back stairs and a very plain entrance to downstairs.

WOW... what a difference.


Hugh & his brother, Colin, begin to remove sidewalk.

They will relocate the large pieces to the other side of house.

It is back- breaking work... sections are very heavy.

We are all very happy with the end product.


Noticeboth the grass and old sidewalk across back of house.

Sandy is helping Hugh remove sod.

Hugh has removed a section of old sidewalk so that patio goes almost to house.

June 26, 2010


Isn't this passion flower a beauty?

Delicious tomatoes.

Isn't Abby a darling?

In the distance, Sandy is getting onto a hammock.