June 23, 2010

Early 2008 Projects

We welcome in January 2008 with a second platform being built: this one is a hexagon (12 ft. across) for our BBQ and outdoor dining.

Here is our builder again: a great guy named Maurice Maynard. It is in his 'off season'... so we are able to have him work on a few winter projects at our place. He is so busy that this may be the last time he has time to help us out..

Maurice moves on to the creation of a 'garden entrance'. We will have an archway into the back yard, a trellis where we will espaliate a 3 variety apple tree, and two raised garden beds where we will grow veggies this spring.

Sandy fills new bed with soil and compost.

There... we are really pleased.

Many thanks to Maurice for all his help with these projects.

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