June 21, 2010

We begin gardening... April 2007

Many trees must come out... badly damaged from a winter snowfall which split open over a dozen trees. Following this removal, I spend many days pulling & digging ivy which has enveloped the back yard perimeter. This probably will be repeated several times over the next few years, but I will prevail.

We have brought over a dozen beautiful rhodos from our other garden so these must get into the ground... it is still early May and we wonder if some will bloom this year.

June arrives and we have temporarily placed all the plants brought from our other house.
Oh yes, we have visited Norm Todd's "Firwood" on Batu (just a stone's throw north of Elk Lake) & purchased several more rhodos. In a later post, I'll photo some blooms.

Maurice Maynard arrives in late June to begin work on a sitting platform. It will be an exact replica of the one he created for us at our other house: an octogon 16 ft across.

We love the new platform... our chairs don't have to be moved every time we mow.
There it sits in a back section of our back yard.... soon afterwards Sandy begins planning a garden bed that will be located between it and the house.

Before we head off to Maui for a vacation, Sandy begins on the new bed. We won't be digging out anything. Several layers of newspaper are laid out and covered with odd bits of soil (clumps were from the digging out for the octogon platform). When we return from our holiday we'll add soil and much to this pile.

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